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On this website you could see videos of many rare and antique Kodak cameras from the mid 1880's up to the 1910's, read about them and download articles I have written. As of 2023 the host organization no longer supports the software used to create this website. Currently I do not have time to recreate the entire website, but I hope to be able to do so someday. If all goes well, a limited version will remain available online.


Theodor Scheimpflug was a naval officer in Austria. His goal was to improve the cumbersome way in which maps were made. He calculated that it would take centuries before the world was mapped with the old system. So he sat to work to develop the so called 'Photo Karte' or photo-map, a map consisting of a photograph of an area, free from any perspective distortion. This site contains many important documents on his work. See also the articles I have written about him in the articles menu.