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No. 0 Folding Pocket Kodak (1902)

The No. 0 Folding Pocket Kodak is the smallest camera of the range. It has a picture size of 1 7/8 x 2 1/2 inch (4.1 x 6.4 cm), the same as the Vest Pocket Kodak of a decade later.

The No. 0 Folding Pocket Kodak is truly a snapshooters camera, with simple specifications:

  • it has a fixed focus meniscus lens
  • a shutter with one speed and a T (time) setting
  • a pull out strip with three apertures
  • a little built in reflex finder for horizontal pictures only. There is no finder for vertical photos.
  • This elegant little machine can not be focused. It has the same scissor struts as the original Folding Pocket Kodak and extends automatically to the proper distance.

The No. 0 FPK is a bit larger than the Vest Pocket Kodak, but still it is a small camera that really fits in a pocket. The dimensions are 1 3/8 x 3 1/8 x 5 5/8 inch (3 x 8 x 14 cm).

The camera was introduced in March 1902 and discontinued in November 1906, during which period 20,000 were made. It cost $ 6. 

The camera is not the first FPK (because of the number 0, as some people might think), but the smallest one. The number in the model name designates the size of the picture the camera takes.

Page from the 1902 Kodak catalog.