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No. 1 Folding Pocket Kodak (1897 - 1915) 

From 1899 onwards this camera was called No. 1 Folding Pocket Kodak. Previous models were called Folding Pocket Kodak.

Just like the original model this was a camera for the family photographer. It was small and easy to use. The difference with the original model is in the door that covers the lens and shutter mechanism. The original doesn't have this cover and dust and dirt can enter the mechanism easy.

In the video you see the rare model C, with twin finders. One finder is for horizontal pictures and one for vertical ones. This model was made from June 1905 until February 1907.

Picture size: 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch
Price: $ 10
Numbers made 1897-1915: 125,000

Page from the 1905 Kodak catalog.