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No. 2 Bull's-Eye Kodak (1896)

This camera was very popular around the turn of the century. It was made from August 1895 until 1913. During this period 257.000 were produced.

Its price was $ 8. For this the photographer got a sturdy and well made little instrument thas was easy to operate and that made 3.5 x 3.5 inch (9 x 9 cm) pictures on a daylight loading spool.

The No. 2 Bull's-Eye Kodak is the successor of the Boston Bull's-Eye and has the same design. (See this camera for more information on its innovative features.)

The camera did appeal to many snapshooting photographers and even the rich and famous were not above buying one. In 1995 I have identified some of the cameras that were used by the Romanov family (last tsar of Russia), and the No. 2 Bull's-Eye Kodak was one of their favorites. If your Dutch is good enough, you can read all about it in The Romanov Kodaks, in Photohistorisch Tijdschrift, issue 3 of 1995.

Set with original case, box of film, instructions booklet and portrait lens in little box.

Little album with 3 x 3 inch photos, typical of the pics taken with the No. 2 Bull's-Eye.


Ad in Recreation, 1898. Around 1900 is was the fashion to combine biclycling and photography. Special bicycle cases were available to cary the camera in.