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No. 4 Panoram Kodak (1900 - 1924)

The special purpose Panoram Kodaks have a much wider angle of view than regular cameras. This results in pics that show much more to the left and right. Mostly the panoramic photos show horizontal landscapes or cityscapes, but the cameras were capable of taking vertical photos.

In November 1900 the original No. 4 Panoram was replaced by a redesigned model. This had two traversing speeds, a reflex finder and a lens that could be covered by a door. Also the film had to be loaded through a the back door. After several minor changes the camera was discontinued in June 1924. In all these years more than 18,000 were made.
The camera in this video dates from around 1914.

The price for the usual model with meniscus lens was $ 20, but for a higher price better lenses could be had.

This early example is a Model B and was made between July 1901 and April 1904.
Model C (April 1904 - May 1907) had a level and tripod socket for vertical pictures.
In April 1905 a version with an oil-retarded shutter with several speeds appeared.
Model D (from May 1907 onwards) with sides and back open for loading film.


Panoramic landschape made with a No. 4 Panoram Kodak.

Double page of a No. 4 Panoram instruction booklet