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No. 4A Folding Kodak (1906 - 1915)

This is a very large camera for amateur photographers, producing negatives of 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inch (10,7 x 16,3 cm) on roll film or glass plates.

There are many sizes of Folding Pocket Kodaks, ranging from the small No. 0 to the largest daylight loading roll film camera for normal use: the No. 4A. It is a giant apparatus and even Eastman Kodak didn't dare to call it a pocket camera, so its name is No. 4A Folding Kodak.

Some figures and facts:

  • It was introduced in 1906
  • and discontinued in 1915
  • during which time 15.000 were made
  • the model A (from April 1906 to December 1907) has a wooden front construction
  • with the model B the wooden front changed to metal
The roll film back could be replaced with a plate back. From 1915 an Autographic back was available also.
The camera was sold with a number of lens / shutter combinations, ranging from the cheapest model with Rapid Rectilinear lens and Bausch & Lomb Automatic shutter ($ 35) to a model with Goerz Dagor and X.L. Sector for $ 110. Like the No. 3, 3A and 4 Folding Pocket Kodak, the 4A could be used as a simple snapshooting camera, but also as an instrument for the more advanced amateur. The lensboard can be moved sideways and up and down. If used as a plate camera the effect can be judged on the ground glass.

The early model with wooden front looks very impressive and is wanted by collectors. The later model doesn't look so nice and is not so popular with collectors.

Sample photo made with the No. 4A Folding Pocket (sic) Kodak